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    STX12F no fire after rolled over...

    2003 stx12f filled with water after a coolant hose clamp broke and came off the nipple of the oil cooler and tipped the ski almost all the way over. drained the ski, drained the breather and intake, drained the oil 4 times before all water was out. pulled plugs and cleared the cylinders. checked for water in the gas which there was none. dried everything possible. fuel pump is pumping gas, motor is turning over and no spark to the plugs. on the dash it is flashing a F1 code. pulling the dealer code it shows that it is a dOS, which is the tip sensor. shouldn't the tip sensor reset itself once the ski is righted? once the code is throw does it have to be deleted out of the ECU. how often do these go out, and are they serviceable. i have checked power to the tip sensor and i am getting power to it, however i get an F1 code after i hit the key and no power to the coils. i am sure this is an old issue ppl have already talked about and any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated before i have to break down and drop it off at the Kawasaki dealer for an hr or so.

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    Hey the ecu code needs to cleared by the dealer,but it wont effect operation.

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    The Vehicle Down Sensor (VDS) is not serviceable.
    With the ignition ON, what are the followingthree 3 voltages?
    1. Input (Red/Grn & Blk/Wht)
    2. Output (Blu/Wht & Blk/Wht) with the arrow on the VDS casing pointing horizontally.
    3. Output with the arrow pointing up.

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