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    Heat exanger any members sell em?

    hello guys was looking for the heat exchanger you use for the seadoo. i know i want a 30 plate.. and i need 20 of em lol would rather buy off a memeber than some random ebay person. plese let me know if anyone is interested and can help me out thanks

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    Heres were i bought mine:

    And this is the one your gonna want:
    "B3-12A 30 Plate Heat Exchanger"

    Or you can go with this one that has mounting studs:
    "B3-12ST 30 Plate Heat Exchanger with studs"

    They give you the choice if you want male or female threads also..

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    GREAT link thank you very much for all the info .

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    +1 to Sno's response. Same one I rand and worked great. If you are in a really warm area you can also consider getting a 40 plate but the 30 plate would do the job almost as efficient.

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    I know they are on ebay too.

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