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    A Few Mods Over The Winter

    Apart from doing the major things to my SLX I have planned, I thought in the meantime I'd do some minor changes for the better. 1. Add mirrors. What are the best mirrors to use? 2. Flip the thumb throttle for a finger throttle. Would simply flipping it around the bar work? 3. If I can convert to a finger throttle, is it possible to move the starter up to the bars?

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    Mirrors are almost useless. I never really use them on the SLT.

    Yes, you can spin the thumb throttle around, but will need to notch the handle bar pad to do it.

    Finger throttles are available for that ski I'm sure...

    Anything cab be done as far as starter button relocation. May just need to retrofit another set of controls to make it work. But, yeah, it can be done.

    Check this out.

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    I don't see any point for the mirrors on my SLT... I have them 'adjusted' all the way out and I can still barely see past the rear deck. Its much faster, and safer, to just turn around and KNOW whats behind you.

    I used to have the thumb throttle flipped over on my SL... It was better that way if you ask me. But yea, the stock pad wont fit over it, you'd need to notch it.

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    Fantastic. I can do these things pretty easily then, even with my incredible lack of knowledge with anything mechanical (although I did figure out how to replace a piston and cylinder...wife was quite impressed. )

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