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    FX 140 Hull Repair

    i got my fx 140 2002 with a crack under the hull, so im thinking to repair it myself..

    die grinder

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    Thats the perfect tool for that.. are u in the philippines?

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    yeah... im from philippines

    grind the crack at a 45 degree angle on both sides, chase the crack as far as it goes. even its 1 foot long. you have to get to the end of it first.

    then check for wet glass from water. gring away any part thats wet still till dry.

    then use acetone to clean the area.

    mix resin and fiberglass chopped up and place into void, then us small strips to cover with resin in the strips, go bigger each time till it covers the entire repair and then some..

    let dry overnight to rock.. grind back to keep flush with hull or just a tad below that,,

    fill any pockets, holes, cracks, with more resin and chopped glass, sand smooth. fix any real small spots with just resin. they should be almost smooth now,, let dry again, sand smooth,,

    should be flat and ready now,, or just a little below the rest of the area

    then mix gelcoat and hardener.. no thinning,,

    then brush it on in layers, only have 15 mins work time till it kicks off

    then mix another small batch and brush that on.. shopuld be covered by now or close.. do again if neccessary

    then sand area flat with 80. 150 220 320 and 400 to finish using wet sandpaper with water..

    buff to shine with compound and a wheel with wool pad . then polaish and wax and your done..

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    bow, is there no need for the motor going out? il just flip the hull little?

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