Do any Polaris's suffer from this condition?

I always hear or should i say "read" that someone has some stainless steel screws in the ride plate missing,or snapped off or the screw fell out,or the pump pressure was too high and literally ripped the base for the screws right out of the fiberglass.
whats making the rideplate screws,,(that are stainless steel no less) snapping off? water getting under the plate? that much pressure is there? and a grate pulling out of its mounts too?. Thats some serious stress going on down there keeping the ski planted.

I bet if you get air and land while your revve'd out and it hits, the pressure down there must go thru the roof.

A JD grate would probably destroy your ski eventually.

I would hate to be doing 60 and have the plate rip off the ski. that would be bad. I hear when stuff like that happens, you tend to fly over the handlebars at speed.. ouch.