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    Question Need some help!!!!!

    Need some help with, a 94 kawai 750ssxi. ok heres the low down on the ole Hot Saki, like I said before 94 kawasaki 750ssxi, board .040, ported and polished, the head has been shaved 30, boydson reeds and cages and flo stuffers, coffman pipe and waterbox, scat track impeller and r&d ride plate, it also has a ocean pro vortex flame arrester on it. It has a single carb that has been rejetted up one size. now the question that I have is what else can I do to make this thing sing, my wife has a 750ss and she can't out run me but its still close. So any body out there that has some 750 experience, could you help me out a little, I am thinking about a timing advance kit, and some dule carbs, and maby some nitro.

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    Welcome to the forum

    Somene should help you shortly

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    what carb do you have? is it the stock Kehin sinlge still? you would bennifit from a single SBN 46 mikuni, or for sure duals.

    i have new 46 mm carbs here, and manifolds to fit the 750. i also have good, used "take off" crabs from a SXi pro 750. they are dual mikuni SBN " 40's, on a manifold.

    not sure if i would recomend going to nitro.

    give me an email direct if you would like to buy either.


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