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    Impeller- How Can I Tell If It's Damaged ?

    I noticed a loss of power out of the hole towards the end of the season. I'm sure a new wear ring will help that.
    But-- I've caught a few sticks this year. How does one tell if the impeller is bent ? Once I pull it it may be obvious if its damaged-- but what if its just bent a bit ? Is there a measurement of some sort ?

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    Vibration.... Pull the pump and then the prop. Set it on the table and mark each blade at center. Each should be the same if I am not mistaken. Also, measure the leading and trailing edge. That is where I would start. Others may have different approaches. I noticed mine had a bad vibration like something wasn't true. - Tip - Start from the back and move forward. Nozzle -> Pump -> Pump Bearings -> Prop -> Nose Cone -> etc. JMO
    Look at the pics here -

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