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    STX 1100 DI won't start

    Hi all! The problem is possibly the EMM, but if someone could give some advice, it would be helpfull.
    The motor cranks, but it does not fire the sparks, nor run the fuel pump and injectors.
    When i turn the start key, it does not show check engine light, but when you crank it, it imediatly shows this light.
    I have the service manual, and i have tested every outside component. Sensors are OK, fuel pump works, injectors work...CPS was tested on oscilloscope, and teeths were checked, also the tip distance from teeth.
    I downloaded the KADIAG for DOS, but could not connect to ski. It shows that software update is needed.
    If someone has the windows version, please direct me to it.
    Also, i have read about the code reading with a LE diode, but it is from a Polaris with Ficht injection. The procedure is (in short): you short the TPS live wires, apply 12V to EMM power, and connect LED to multi function display pin "check engine". Then you count the LED blinking to get the code.(if someone needs detail info, i will provide) The situation on the Kawasaki is that you dont need to short TPS to get code reading. It start imeadiatly after the 12V is applied to EMM power. The problem is that is shows almost every possible error, like 35, 16...every sensor error, fuel pump, injector, oil low... I have tried to delete these errors with the procedure for the polaris, but it does not work. Has anyone tried this way of code reading on Kawaski?
    After all this, if someone has any other info, beside EMM being dead, please forward it.

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    sure sounds like your 45v system is in the crapper. Welcome to GH, you'll find more then enough stuff on the kaw version of the di system to do better troubleshooting, but an emm that is throwing every code in the book is likely fritzed, specially if you've been jumpstarting the ski or running it without a good battery on board. there are some tricks to feed the injectors 24v to see if they squirt, but you have a bunch more research to do before you are sure what it is.

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    I just purchased a 2000 STX DI model and I have same issue.. no spark at all. I checked everything and seemed to be ok except the CPS. I got 420 Ohm but 0.1-0.2 DC voltage when crank. the manual said that I shoud get about 2.7 V DC . Is it possible that I have a bad sensor even though the resistant is within specs? Please help me or guide me to right direction to troubleshoot this. I just wonder if there is any missalignments of the crankshaft "teeth" that generates signal. Many thanks,

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