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    Securing Oil Injection Lines: Techniques

    65U non-pv 1200 for a 2000 SUV.
    Yes I know to premix and I do this on my ski, however, I am selling this one and wanted to know if there are techniques that help to secure the oil injection lines other than the badly engineered zip ties.

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    the Oetiker pinch clamps are whats used if you feel that zip ties are not,s a link to a company that carries them...

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    Is it just where the oil lines meet the carbs that really needs these clamps? Or, do you really have to replace all of the ones back at the oil pump as well? On my XLT1200, it looks like the ones at the pump and at the check valves near the pump already have some kind of metal clamp that is original equipment.

    From what I've seen on here, it's always the line coming off at the carb that fries the cylinder, and not the lines coming off at the pump.

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    no they come off at the pump as well!

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    make sure you cut back fuel line cover and make some slack

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