I am looking at going in a different direction with my FZ so I am looking to do a little trading plus cash. here is what I have

1- Head with R&D valve springs, Valve job, Chambers worked- spent 1400 on head
2- R&D R1 Cams- cost 750
3-R&D cam gears- cost 200

These parts have less than 2 hours on them I installed them before the Drags and they were ran during the drags and the performance was pretty good , so if you are thinking about doing these mods let me save you some time and money what I would like is your stock head and cams (please dont try to send me bad parts) plus cash I have over 2300 dollars in these parts and they have been tested so I can tell you that the head and cams worked great together so let me know if you are interested I am looking to do this over the next 30 days as they parts are still on my ski. This will also save you several weeks in time you dont have to worry about sending your cams off or your head or setting the valves just bolt these on and go (ok I know its a little more involved but you get the point) so let me know if interested