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Thread: new here

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    new here

    hi there, new here, lots of old questions though.
    My boss just gave me a 96 780 slx with the trim adjustment. Its ben sitting for 7 years after he blew it up due to failing oil injection i think, he limped home for 15 minutes and totally fied the pump cyl piston and head, crank is 1/2 of slop on con rod , middle piston and head toast, sure the reads are, there isnt any scratches or scoring on the jug walls which i thought was amazing but im sure the reeds are toast. the mag cyl is mint and at 125. What are the options with the crank and rod, i have a freind with presses , can i rebuild the crank and rod, or cheaper to get new one. Is it worth to fix it at all or scrap it. how fast should it run at optimum performance.. Thanks for the help

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    Welcome to the Hulk! You found the right place to fix your ski. Congrats on becoming part of the Polaris family.

    Sounds like your gonna need a crank redone. I would send out to be rebuilt. Once you get the engine apart, you can inspect other items as you tear it down..

    Parts are available to repair your ski from some of the members on here. We just need to know exactly whatcha need.

    All older jetski require mantinance. including yours. that would include but not limited to:

    Replacing all the fuel system fuel lines, along with rebuilding/cleaning the carbs,flushing gas tank,changing in-line fuel filters, checking the blades on the impellor and stator,bearing condition of the pump(stator),possibly rebuilding the fuel pump(you have a pentagon pump(which is good).

    Your ski puts out approx 92 HP and will do low 50's..52-54 I Believe.

    The high speed jets and pilot jets in the carbs should be clean and checked to see what size you are running..its good to know where your at.

    There are lots of upgrades for your ski such as porting the cylinders,reeds,increasing compression,boring,rideplates and intake grates for various types of skiing,along with many other mods.

    You can start a rebuld thread and the guys here will help you thru the entire process if need be.. Good Luck and Welcome..

    Other members will chime in with more info.. Just ask if you need help.

    Lots of us have been where your at so dont worry,,,we'll get ya up n running one motor or another!

    To do a crank requires a large press and an experienced crank rebuilder. it needs to be trued and indexed properly with very tight specs. I would leave that to a professional.

    Complete engines can be found for sale from here or ebay. Check the classifieds here.. Depends whats wrong. sometimes just buying a drop in is way easier and cheaper than repairing one. other times, its just a cylinder head or a piston..

    where ya from? tell us about ya a little. experience, tools, riding, location, riding style?

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    well , live on vancouver island in bc, canada. first ski, very skilled mechanically, have engineering tickets for boilers so machine work is easy. Bassically want to rebuild for a general ski that can be left at the lake for the kids and familly so speed isnt all that important to me, so long as i can get to the beer store before it closes im happy. Would like to make it bullet proof as far as ol gas, so i think i will do premix straight off the bat.
    The motor in general looks brand new. It doesnt have a scratch on it and the flame arrestors lookbrand new. i dont think anything has ever been loosened under the seat. the hull has tippical familly marks on it but the tilt works and the digital dash.. Ive pulled the jugs out and there mint in and out which surprised me considering the shape of the pistons in the rear and middle. the carbs dont have a scratch of muck or gum , but sure theyll need some work. A freind is a heavy duty mechanic in a machine shop and has all the presses, and a touch of experience with these things. Just to get it back running stock with premix what do u think id be looking at cost wise. probbably better to replace crank, but, just had a baby so funds are tight, i think if i spent more than 500$ my wife would drag me behind the truck..
    THanx all

    hurry up and melt already

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    cranks run around 250.00 rebuilt plus that outrageous shipping cost to canada. then you need a gasket kit for the engine. that would be a good idea to do all the gaskets upper and lower to get it back to stock oem brand new seals and gaskets. that will make it reliable as far as air leaks go..
    thats of course if you install eveything once the crank is done, that means the rods will have been checked too. then theres piston pins, c-clips,upper rod roller bearings that go on the assembly too. thats extra.. then 2 pistons,2 rings on each and a honing if necessary.

    Can you check the bores for taper and out of round? you'll need a bore gauge..theres info on checking that on here, use the search function on the main page to look for it.

    The big deal on these skis is a reliable strong battery first of all. An odyessy pc265 agm battery is what ya want.absorbed glass mat batterys tolerate the harsh marine envirement and vibration. its well worth getting one..

    The other big deal is an air leak or a lean fuel supply from a dirty fuel system.

    if you rebuild the carbs, a rebult crank, get a gasket kit, 2 pistons and all the goods that go with it,plus fuel lines and filters, it will run you about 800.00 i'm guessing..sounds like a lot,, 250 crank,150,carbs,pistons the pins,ete,,another 80 and 25 in filters and lines, then shipping for all to cananda 150.000 thats about 700.00 give or a take a little.

    then a 100.00 or so on a good battery.

    or......Someone onhere may have everything you need for an out the door price! I would look in the classifieds here first or ask in the "wanted to buy"

    even a running engine may be an idea too. although, you know buying used is a risk..
    up to you how you want to approach it.

    The guys at Sharps Marine do a great job on pwc stuff. jay could guide you thru pricing and timetables for work done and what your gonna need in a 1 stop shop.

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    well i got it apart today. looks like the motors toast. 2 jugs are burnt and scored , probablyy need sleeves. 2 pistons, , pretty much everything from the # 2 jug back. How does a guy go about getting the motor out. cant seem to seperate the crank from the pump enough to slide it over the 1/2' mount studs forward to lift straight up? do i have to pull the whole pump?

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    yes take the pump all the way out once you remove the 4 main pump bolts and the steering cable and the water intake hose and sucktion hoses it will slid right out with the drive shaft.

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    and the trim rod

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    welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to the forums. If your cylinders are toast, there are a few guys here with good used ones you could pick up for a great deal. Just replace the busted parts. Make sure your crankcase isn't scored or cracked, you will need to pull it all apart and clean it up to really check it out. Crankcase MUST be airtight or you will pull in air, lean out, and blowtorch a piston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutterboy View Post i have to pull the whole pump?
    Jet pump comes out first, then the engine.

    Once you have done it once or twice, jet pump removal takes minutes.

    Look for the Jet Pump section from my signature links. There is a video showing how pump removal is done.

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