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    Polaris 750 not starting

    Hi looking for some help. Putting the machine away for the winter and it wouldn't start. There is a clicking sound coming from the black box on top of the battery when I press the start button, I thought maybe battery was dead because haven't started it in 2 months, so I charged the battery and still get the click from the box. Any help on what might be wrong would be appreciated, by the way it's a 96 slt 750.


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    First you want to remove the spark plugs and make sure the crank spins freely. Remove the engine coupler cover and spin the coupler by hand.

    If it spins, try another "good" battery.

    If that battery doesn't work, try bypassing the starter solenoid and see if that does it.

    If the crank doesn't spin freely, remove the jet pump and drive shaft. Then try again.

    If it now spins, it's the pump bearings.

    If still doesn't spin, it may be the crank is seized/rusted or the starter bendix is bound up on the flywheel.

    Let us know what you find.

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    Thanks for the tip, it may be a while before I get to it but at least I know where to start looking.

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