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    750 xi ss starts, runs, but dosent pull water?

    Hi, new here and generally ignorant to jet skis.

    I purchased a 94 750 xi super sport with ocean pro heads and an msd ignition box. It runs good on land, but when placed in the water it just bogs down. I assumed it was because the gas was 5 years old, so, I drained the whole system.

    Have not taken it out yet, but could this be the only problem?

    Also, I beleive the oil injection was bypassed due to reliability. Thoughts?

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    Welcome aboard, PlanB!

    Yep, 5 year old gas would be a game changer for sure. The carbs probably need to be overhauled as they have small orifices and filters that can become gummed up. Fuel filter and tank pickups may need to be cleaned/replaced, too. It takes a LOT more fuel flow to run in the water than on the trailer.

    You need to KNOW if the oil injection was removed or not. If it's still there, you'll find a small black part on the lower front part of th engine with several hoses coming out of it. There will also be an oil tank in the top rear section of the engine compartment. You MUST put oil in the tank, or mix oil with the fuel when you fill the gas tank, depending on which system you have. The oil pumps are extremely reliable, but the rubber hoses can come loose or split when they get old.

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    Thanks man,

    I have already rebuilt the carbs and re installed them. Ill put it in the lake within the next week.

    Also, still checking into the oil injection.

    Thanks again.

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    Also if you have drained the tank take a look around in there and make sure no varnish/gunk left in there. You may need to clean it out. Make sure and change fuel lines/filter also. Check out the pick-up tube and return. These were made with chrome plated plastic on mine and the return was completely plugged and the pick-up was 50% plugged.
    If there was any fuel in those lines chances are new fuel going thru will cause old fuel/varnish to dislodge and clog your filters/carbs again.

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