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    Buying leftover 09 fzr not a good idea!

    I was considering maybe a possible leftover fzr(2009) until i saw that the NADA used value for a 2009 fzr is only $8920.00 There are still alot of leftover 09`s in my area you can buy them for $9599.00 plus tax only problem is once i take delivery of it. it is then considered used.value is aprox $1000.00 less.I guess thats typical though for a pwc.

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    You're still getting a killer new boat with a warranty for thousands less than new. I bought a new '09 FZS this past August for $9,500 when Yamaha was also offering $450 in accessories. The boat is a blast, even is stock form (except for the intake grate).

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    just when clutch goes about 17-25 hours bitch up a storm to yamaha customer service and demand 2013 gears and sc and clutch. 2008-10 clutches are all gone un les you are a privateer and have one ( like me ) laying around.

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