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    Ultra 150 pump puller

    I know this has been done before but slightly different. I used 10mm threaded rods and coupling nuts to push on the pump mounting studs. The pitch is 10mm x 1.25 not the more common 10mm x 1.5. The studs that go into the nozzle holes are 8mm x 1.25. It still took a lot of force to get out but it would have been impossible any other way. I even had to use a torch on one of the pump ears in conjunction with the puller to get it free. Here it is:

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    When I pulled my pump, I rigged up something like that (not as elaborate, though) and used a slide hammer to break it loose.

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    that's pretty much what I came up with last year cept I had my fabricator use square tubing to fit over the pump studs. A must have for salt water skis or first time pump removals. Whole thing came in under $100 for materials and labor..seeing that K doesn't even make a puller tool, I assume that dealerships of the day didn't have the kind of problems we're seeing now.

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