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    2004 polaris msx 150 rev's to over 7000rpm on start up and wont die down!!!

    Hi Guys, im spencer, i live in england, UK, and am new to the forum!!

    ive been into polaris jetski's for about 8 years.

    im looking at buying a 2004 polaris msx 150.
    it has some electrical faults,
    the first is that when i start it up, it revs to the highest possible RPM that the engine will allow (max boost too) and will NOT die down!

    when i pull the throttle, it makes the dumpvalve release, but the RPM seems to totaly stay the same!

    when started in reverse, it will rev lower, but the rev limiter in reverse kicks in, and i cannot get throttle responce at all in reverse.

    please help the newbie!!

    its also got that problem where its starts/runs fine on trailer, but wont start up in the water. if launched with the engine running, it will run fine in the water, but when stoped it wont restart.

    thanks for any help. ive tryed to go threw all the previous posts.

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    when it take off is it on the trailer not in the water? if in water and will not start check battery voltage in water/load
    OR it's fly by wire setup servo in throttle body could be frozen/stuck.if you can bump motor over but not have it start you should be able to here throttle making noise
    always start motor in rev. if on the trailer and do not rev above 4000 rpm if no load

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