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    Seadoo Gtx Ltd is 260 VS Seadoo RXT-X as 260


    I am trying to work out the difference between these 2 pwc's and which would be best for me. Besides the RXT-X having adjustable suspension and the Gtx Ltd doesn't and the RXT-X been in black where as the Gtx Ltd is in white....does anybody know of any other differences in the actual pwc itself?

    Can the Adjustable Suspension in the RXT-X aS 260 actually be locked out as in can a no suspension mode be used should the rider want or prefer?

    Can you make the suspension in the Gtx Ltd "aS"?

    Is one pwc more stable than the other?

    Any other good or bad/for's or against's would be appreciated.



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    The aS is a more refined and harder wearing PWC than the iS.

    If you like to ride hard, get the aS.

    The iS has plenty of suspension problems if riden hard, you can find shock/spring replacement parts in the Performance Parts Store for the iS, and there is a reason for that.

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