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    Yamaha FX HO Fishing Setup

    Just wanted to share our jet ski setup. I fish with my 11 year old son, so I do all the driving and he is normally facing backwards and does all the fishing. We live in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu. We troll 100% of the time with three rods. We use a Penn 975 with 60# braid and two Penn 955 with 30# and 40# braid. All three reels are on a Penn Torque rods. The three rods are in three flush mount rod holders that have a PVC cap on the ends to prvent water from getting in the hull. We carry a short gaff that is mounted on the side of the jet ski and have a Garmin 440s mounted connected to an in-hull airman transducer located on the left side right below the first rider position. I connect the transducer by connecting the transducer ring with silicon to the bottom of the hull and filled it with anti-freezer. We carry a cell phone, epirb and VFH radio for safety.

    Our FX HO came with cruise control which is perfect for trolling. Once we leave the harbor, I set the cruise control and use a rubber band to hold the throttle trigger down for the rest of the day. I use the up and down controls on the cruise control to control our speed and our engine does not stop till we get back to the harbor. We normally troll between 8 to 9 knots and once we hook up we slow down to 4 to 5 knots.
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    Interesting setup.
    A couple of questions, where do you keep the fish you've caught and how do you secure the rods in the holders?
    Will be doing a lot of trolling myself over the summer here in New Zealand.

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    We carry a fish bag that is attached to the rear cleat. The only rod that is secured is the rear rod and it's secured with a cable to the rear cleat. Fish that does not fit in the bag are tied with a rope and dragged in the harbor and a big fish ends our day.

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    Thanks for sharing ! Always interested to see other "set ups". Now, we just need more pics of the BIG fish that ends your day !

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I guess you don't go out in real choppy conditions if you're not securing your rods.
    I would also be worried about the rod eventually driving itself through the PVC endcap.
    It's hard on equipment with the bashing.

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    The flush mount rod holders have a pin that the butt of the rods lock into so the bottom of the rods never hit the PVC caps. We flush out the rod holders with saltaway after each trip and use a wetvac to suck out the rod holders dry and also use the wetvac to suck all of the water in the hull after washing the engine out with saltaway.

    We normally go out in swells between 1 to 4 feet with winds running from 0 to 15 miles. We fish from 1 to 10 miles out.

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    Thanks, it's a real classy solution.

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    Very cool! I have the same ski and am contemplating the PWC Cooler Mate. Does anyone have any thoughts on it?

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    looks nice any luck on it yet?

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