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    15F Shreadmaster

    Does anyone have any real speed increase numbers they can post when switching from a stock rideplate to a shreadmaster? Any input would be appreciated. Thinking about getting one this winter. Thanks.


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    I first had a R&D plate on my 15f, it was a good plate. Later I changed and put on a Shread master and this plate was great!
    Exact same topspeed as the R&D. When coming out of corners when CC racing the boat did not jump out of the water with the Shread as it sometimes did with the R&D, much better hookup. The boat handled alot better in offshore racing also, boat stayed planted and better hookup.
    A little time to get used to it though, you need to give it alot more throttle when turning otherwise the boat won´t turn.

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    I put one on my 2010 15F and have been very happy so far. Top speed went up 1.3 mph on average according to my GPS runs. The plate really shines in terms of handling though. The ski feels much more planted and it holds its line better in the chop. The ski planes out much quicker as well - definitely a noticeable acceleration difference. The 15F accelerates well as it is but with the plate there is an improvement. Turning - it holds much harder in fast turns and stays hooked without porpoising or spinning out. You can still do 360's but it takes more power to do them because the ski wants to turn so sharp. To be honest, the ski should have felt like this stock. It feels more solid with the Shredmaster - hard to explain but it does.

    It is a lot of money - I had the same questions before pulling the trigger. All in all I would say definitely worth it and I would buy it again. Don't expect a huge gain on top though. My ski went 60.8 stock. With a cold air intake I hit 62.3. I have now managed 64.1 in 65 degree air on perfect water but that is not a consistent number. I am usually around 63.5 - 63.6 consistently with about 1/4 tank of fuel. I weigh 190. I think the next mod will be an impeller - unless I decide to get the new 300.... Hope this info helped you out.

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    Thanks to all the responses. It is nice to get some real world gps numbers and opinions.


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    does anbybody hav a shreadmaster plate for sale? am lookin for somthing diff right now i have on a r/d plate i ride in 2/4 foot water and what i find out is that my r/d plate riding thru the waves it run's very but goin with the waves riding like a B***h jus keep hoopin and hoopin

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    One thing not many have mention about this Shredmaster 15F ride plate is it works very well with a cleanup stock grate. Stays hooked up accelerates better and more top speed than with a top-loader grate dragging. And if you have a small tach watch how well it does not loss RPM’s in fast sweeper turns. Also I really like how the ride plate tracks at higher speeds in all conditions.
    These 15F are some of the last under $9000 new skis for the performance and much less at a good dealer than the 300-pound heavier $6000 to $7000 more $15000 tanks they are sell for Jet Skis now days.

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