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    Need your opinions on boat upgrade

    I currently have a 2005 Sportster 155HP 4 seater, so far I have been happy with it and it fits our family perfectly (me, my wife and 2 small kids) but when we take out 1 or 2 extra people it starts to been thinking of possibly upgrading to a bigger boat. What would you guys suggest?? I do prefer to stay with a jet boat mainly because of where we go there are allot of shallow areas plus I love to be able to pull right up to a island!! Only thing is, can a larger jet boat perform properly with the added weight of the boat and passengers..?? I have seen a few boats with the 215HP supercharged engines, is that enough to get you up on plain in a reasonably quick time??

    All suggestions appreciated..!!

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    Thats a 4 passenger boat if you have 6 people then id say you need a bigger boat. IMO jet boats are cool, I had the same one as you. For the money youll get better value out of a prop boat. For example my parent bought a boat 3 years ago. 2001 doral 230cc for about $25,000, 50hrs and always stored out of water so was almost brand new. Has full cuddy with toilet sink fridge stove and seats 8 or 9 people. When it comes to boats im a prop guy so just my 2cents.

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    I hope the Coast Gaurd does not see you riding 6 deep in a boat rated for 4. They will fine you up your anal cavity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey R. View Post
    I hope the Coast Gaurd does not see you riding 6 deep in a boat rated for 4. They will fine you up your anal cavity.
    +1 LMFAO

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    The most I have ever had on the boat was 3 adults, 1 toddler and 1 infant which is held by one of the adults. My friend that came out with us is fairly large so we definitely noticed the extra weight!!

    Other boats that I have been considering is a 2004 Speedster 200 with twin 155 4TEC engines for $13,500 and a 2006 Yamaha AR210 with twin 110 HP engines. The Yamaha has some very nice options but the pricing is pretty high $21K but he's open to offers!! What do you guys think...??

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    If I had the cash I would buy the new challenger 210. Perfect size and awesome power. Next to that I would go for a yamaha but the twin 110 would not do it power wise it would have to be the twin 160's.

    I like my challenger 180 but put more than 6 adults in it and it handles like a pig and is pretty gutless.

    Prop boats suck and are way more maintenance.

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