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    Hi all, this is my first post in greenhulk

    first i need to give congratulations to the administrators and of course all the users that make this Forum one of the best

    My name is Nuno, i live in portugal and i have a Blue FZR

    I had already talk with Jerry and he help me to get my FZR faster..

    What i need is acelaration and fast.

    My stock speed was 65

    so i have prepare my FZR with :
    Black Seats
    Air Filter (home made)
    R&d Ride Plate
    R&d Intake
    Anti cavitation Kit (home made)
    Riva manifold upgrade intake
    Riva B1
    Tbm Pump cone racing yamaha
    The dynafly 13/22R
    Riva engine breather upgrade kit
    Rear exaust (home made)

    Like you see some of the thinghs were home made, done by me and my mechanic.

    with this material i dont had a change to see my max speed because all the days that i went to the water i didnt had the right conditions to see, but i can say that the ski is totaly diferrent, powerfull start and and bether max speed, one thing that make me apreensive is that the ski now jumps a lot....why, dont know.....

    i will order the FZ boost clamp to take all the advantage of the Riva B1

    Now, i need your help...

    i am thinking in my next step and was thinking in a intercooler, what do you think..the riva one or the JD one?

    And witch intercooler cooler kit? there are 3, which one i sould buy?

    if i buy the intercooler should i put injectors? which ones ?

    If i am going in the wrong way can you please help with your opinion.

    i want to tank you all in advance for all your help to and wait for your replies..

    I put a photo to see my machine...


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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    Welcome to the forum Nuno and nice pic of your ski. I'm a bit jealous as my water is mid 40 F at the moment.

    Great results are posted with either of the two intercoolers you mention. I'm still running the stocker but am leaving a lot of boost on the table. Plan to have a new one by next spring.

    Instead of the boost clamp, I would think about a reflashed ECU. I have the R2 and I like it.

    Regarding the jump, read about shimming the rear of your ride plate. I believe there have been some discussions of this here on the forum with the R & D plate.

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    Hey ...welcome to the forum .

    Another European member

    I will take the JD intercooler kit for the next season.
    I also have the RD R2 reflash and have great results with it...still running the stock SC impeller

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    Hi gyus...i has hoping a little more help from goes one more picture of my jet..hope you like it...

    Thx all for your help

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    Nuno you must shimm the R&D ride plate to solve the bouncing, only when you have a stable PWC you can think in buy more upgrades.

    Your FZ has lot's of power available it's almost impossible to make a run at full power! (I think that the top speed is around 68/69 mph with the boucing and all the mods)

    The TBM cone is amazing it improve the hole shoot, almost zero cavitation.

    FZ guru's give Nuno some help! in Portugal we don't see much moded FZ's or SHO engines)

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    Hello in Portugal.

    1. First thing is verify current GPS speed and RPM's and start a written log.

    2. Make sure your tests record air temperature because that can make a difference.

    3. Do you have a goal in mind for your speed? Make that known, this will help you get feedback.

    As you increase power you are going to need to think about reliability of that supercharger clutch, and I think you might consider a blow off valve (BOV). But don't take my word for it, I'm not an expert. The guys here will help you, lots of fast skis on this board and good people.

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