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    RXT 2005 215HP intercooler question?

    Do i have one? The ski appears to have a stage 2 Riva kit on it but i cant see the riva intercooler kit!!!!

    Please enlighten me as i have only just got it!

    Also if i have this intercooler or not what HP should i be seeing?

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    Post a pic.
    If the hose from the super charger goes directly to the trottle body then you have a stock IC.

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    The 2005 RXT comes with an intercooler inside the intake manifold. An external intercooler will be a giant aluminum rectangular shape in the back corner of the ski (not on the exhaust side). You'll see piping going to it if it's there. An external IC offers approximately 15 HP over the stock internal intercooler. A picture is worth a thousand words.
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    No i see it hasnt then, although it has the blow off valve there and the riva exhaust and power filter kit. Also the supercharger kit and riva sponsons....was told it runs more psi supercharger pressure i assume part of s/c kit?

    What kinda HP is it now?

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    you may have a 10-15 hp gain

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    Cheers, but is that intercooler that good as here in the UK we dont see the kinda temps u overseas boys get so maybe not really needed? Apparently the original intercooler was fully cleaned out.

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    Gen2 supercharger blade
    solas prop
    stainless steel wear ring
    opas block off kit
    lightened drive shaft
    rethnal handle bars
    jetshed finger throttle

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    The external ic will help power even if your running in 50 degree just more efficient....

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