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    need some DE reg. advise help

    ok guys I need some help here. I have a ski. The guy basically screwed me over. Said that he had the title in his safe and would mail it to me within a week. well long story short he screwed me over.

    I have already done some homework and the ski has no lein, no salvage history or anything that would stop the guy from getting the title. \

    My question is. In Delaware. Can I sell the ski to a friend on a "bill of sale" and will they issue him any type of reg.?

    thanks guys

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    I have bought a ski from out of state recently but had the title in hand. If I remember correctly when I registered it dmv didn't ask me for the original title just the bill of sale. but I really don't remember call dmv and see what they say or maybe someone here will have more information.

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    ya my last ski i bought was from NJ and they dont have titles. thats why im wondering if I can get around it with a bill of sale.

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    now that i think about it i just sold my old ski with out a "title" but a bill of sale on the registration and i sold it to a guy in PA. And i didnt have a title from the ski i just bought from TN just a bill of sale and his old registration.

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    spoke to DE DMV today. they said they need the reg. and a bill of sale will do. Figures... the jerkoff refuses to answer phone calls or anything. I think its time to make a stop by his place plus a call to the local police.

    incase I cant do anything here guys..

    anyone interested in a BRAND NEW SBT motor? literally brand new, it was in the plastic for 6 months, got the ski with a blown engine and I was going to fix her up and let the gf use it. I dont plan on keeping this ski if I can register it. the motor will be 100% complete, carbs, starter, ect

    anyone interested in a hull for $1500? it will be 100% complete and will even come with worx sponsons, shredmaster rideplate, full electronics, 88 hours on it, has factory cover. green on white in VERY good shape. im very pissed this guy really just wont caugh up a title.

    thanks guys!

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    What are you trying to sell? 1500 for complete ski with new engine? Or do you really want 1500 for a hull minus driveline??

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    I dont really see why thats so high? the pump alone is worth $500. plus a shredmaster rideplate, worx sposons... electronics, cover, ect ect ect. plus this is a 2004. not a 1994. you want me to just give it away? this thing is worth easily $2000 in parts. I already have a offer of $2500 for the whole package, motor and ski. and ive heard already from a few people that NY you can register it and get a title with just a signed bill of sale

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    wow. what are the odds... I just got the title friday. off the market. im going to finish the ski now

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