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    FZR Ride Plates - whats best for 2010

    Hi all.

    Whats the latest consensus on the best ride plate for a stock ski racing CC.
    The leaders look like WORX & R&D.

    Can someone clarify.

    -Is there speed loss with WORX - whats the trade off
    -R&D (The New Black FZR Plate) - Is it really that different- it seems to have speed increases but possibly doesn’t hook up as well in CC racing chop (not open ocean obviously as it would be terrible) Also it looks like setup is alot more pedantic and attention to shimming will be required.
    -WORX say their plates just bolt straight on...tru or false.

    Cheers All.

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    Yesterday I had a cc championship and I am using the RIVA plate (shimmed) and I found my ski to perform superb. Going through other ski's wakes and etc. was great and was always hooked up. I have never tried the WORX plate but you should try sending Carlos Thomas a PM about them. I think he has some experience with them.

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