Hey everyone my name is Joe Kincade the current President of the NJ/PA Crew AWA charter club.

I'm writing for two reasons one to make sure all of you on greenhulk.net know of the club that formed on pwctoday and transformed in to NJPACREW.org and an AWA charter Club. As a club we do many group rides all over the area. Most every ride we do we make sure their is an area for stand up riders to ride and play. (my self a stand up rider) I love to get out and play and see all the tricks and company of more riders!

The second reason is to inform you of our 2011 season officer nominations are currently running! We are always welcoming new members to the club. We DO NOT charge any entry fee for the club or dues! Only thing we do require is and AWA membership! $24.00 a year is nothing to continue the Freedoms to ride and help the FIGHT TO KEEP OUR WATERS OPEN!

So Please if you or someone you know would like to be an officer please nominate them!

And if you would like to be a member feel free to JOIN TODAY!