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    Cool 2001 ultra 150 question???

    I just bought an 01 ultra 150 that has a blown engine with 156 on the hour meter.the guy said that he had it rebuilt it at 154 and said it burnt a hole on the exhaust side on the same middle piston again at its obviously running lean or has an airleak somewhere that wasnt fixed the first time.he put wiseco pistons back in it and his mechanic had the middle cylinder resleeved.i plan on finding a stock niked cylinder to go back on also gonna rebuild the carbs as a safe measure and split the crankcase,clean and inspect then reseal everything and hope this takes care of the question is what are the stock carb setting and where are the adjustment screws?is the anything else i need to look for?has anyone had this problem and what fixed it?

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    There are no high speed mixture screws. That is controlled by the black slide that moves a needle inside a jet. Make sure the slides move easily. There are low speed screws. They are near the very bottom of the carb, and are flush with the casting--very hard to find the first time. Mine were covered with grease and I had to pull the carbs to find them.

    Do you have a stock flame arrestor? The aftermarket flame arrestors may not give enough pressure drop for the metering slide to work properly.

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