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    Unhappy RXP runs ruff and loud

    went out last week on my rxp ran perfict. droped lift in the water yesterday started up seemed like dead batt but prob just bumped the start buton and didnt hold it but after it started it was ruff like shaking and loud, gave it gas and was realy loud would go up to 6500 rpms prety quick like normal but i let off cause didnt jump out of water like normaly and was loud like screaming and my luck i did or would of done some more damge, could it just be the spark plugs? i pulled them and are prob due. at idlea feels like when a car or truck has a missfire.
    any ideas or had a problem like it??? im gonna look at it agine tommrrow or wednsday so what should i look for or try???

    ill take any ideas

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    Loose exhaust hose.

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    Can we get some more details on your ski...what mods are done to it if any? Metal washers??? Hours on ski??? I see its a 04 rxp from profile but fill us in... I usually start by checking plugs. See if one is a differant color. Then look at oil. Do you soo metal shavings? Is it milky? Nothing yet???then check compression...should be almost identical across the it??? Coil pack??? Good spark??? Fuel??? Just some starting I said though, give us some more info on the ski and someone might be able to point you in the right direction....

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    Do a lot of wave jumping? Is the water low where you live? Something in the pump?

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