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    Advance Auto 40% off


    Saw this on the SeaPoo site wanted to pass it on.
    Advance Auto is giving a 40% discount on a $100 on-line purchase.
    They have their best AGM battery for $101.99 (plus $6 core), only $67.99 after discount if you keep your old battery.

    Enter either "powersports battery" for entire selection or "ETX30LA" for the battery in the search box. You can pick it up at a store to save the shipping. They don't have any in stock in north-central North Carolina however, (don't have many in stock anywhere, actually - I bet all the SeaPoo guys already got them!), but I am getting a new battery for my truck.

    The "ETX16L" fits the GP1200R and lists for $79.99 w/core charge of $6.00. Use "big30" for coupon code and buy for $56. Stores do have this one in stock.

    I think it expires today so get hoppin'.

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    The Yamaha SUV uses the same battery as the GP1200R right ?

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