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    04 gtx limited

    hey guys, jsut pickedup an 04 gtx limited, things mint,70 hours. its winter here in canada, but i was able to give er a run a few weeks ago. its winterized now, when i bought it the SENSOR was flashing along with maint. now my dad has 05 and his MAINT went off at 100 hours i know, so that MAINT didnt bother me, just figure oil change or something.......... i pushed the SET button 5 times and the list said END. never gave me a code. still says sensor any ideas?

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    Could be many things, best thing is to find a dealer that will hook it up to buds for a small fee to see what exactly is going on. Could just be a dealer Maintenece that they just need to reset. Try to do that so you can know what code it's throwing and let us know so we can further try to help you.

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    Find a dealer and hook it up to buds.If I remember correct sensor is flashing when the vts is on.You dont have vts so its flashing sensor.I have the same ski!Hope this helps.

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