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    F/S Coffman Triple Pipes and Novi 48mm setup for Ultra150/STXR

    I have a complete running and ready to go Coffman Triple pipe and Novi 48mm Carb setup for an Ultra150/STXR 1200. These parts are all in great shape and are tuned and running great. I have spent 2 summers working with this setup and feel I have it tuned to run really well as a recreation setup. This will include all the parts you need to install the setup into your Ultra or STXR ready to go. I will include lots of pictures of my installation as well as documents on hose routing and such. I will make sure get every fitting and hose needed to complete the installation as well as my phone number, and I'd be more than happy to help you in anyway. All parts have approximately 50 hours on them, and are used but in great shape.

    Parts List:

    Coffman Triple Pipes with all hoses, couplers, springs, brackets needed. New Price: $2500
    Novi 48mm GenII Carbs jetted and tuned for this setup New Price: $1200
    R&D Intake Manifolds, ported to match the carbs and stock reeds New Price: $150
    Skiworx Reed Spacers with Pulse fittings for 2 fuel pumps New Price: $100
    Tau-Ceti F/A New Price: $90
    2 Pentagon High Performance Fuel Pumps New Price: $100
    Novi Fuel/Vapor Separator New Price: $125
    Advent Ignition Programmed for Coffman Pipes New Price: $600
    Homemade aluminum fuel manifold and bracket for fuel pumps with pressure gauges
    All hoses, fittings, o-rings, and gaskets required for installation.
    A spare parts box I put together which contains extra springs, fittings and such.
    Pictures and documentation on how I have the installation setup

    I have been really happy with this setup and it pushed my Ultra to 75+ MPH with crazy acceleration. I really have loved having this, just getting married and could use the extra cash. All the parts are still on my Ultra, and with work right now I will not be able to remove the parts until after Christmas, just putting an ad out there now, I will remove the parts ASAP right after the holiday and ship it before the end of the year.

    Asking $1800 + shipping for everything.

    Also I am interested in a few things for my Ultra and will consider trades as well. I am looking for a set of shaved stock heads for pump gas (91+) and also a Skiworx Stealth Exhaust setup.

    If you have either I will take $100 off for the heads and $300 off for the exhaust. ie If you have both heads and the stealth exhaust, I'll sell you this setup for $1400+your cut heads and stealth exhaust.

    PM me if interested. To see pictures of the setup, click the link below.

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