Stock BN 40i/38mm Mikuni SBN Accelerator
Pump Carb. Set

* Freshly Cleaned and Rebuilt with Genuine Mikuni rebuild Kits-

* Presently jetted to factory Specs.
@ 140(MAG) 142.5(PTO) 67.5(Pilots) N/S 1.5 but can rejet to your specs for no charge unless you need 2.0 or above N/S's-

* These are Fresh Water Carbs. they look and function like new-

* All external slotted external screws replaced w/ type 301-SST Stainless Allen Bolts-

* Choke Plates removed--

* Primer Pump and new Primer Fittings included
--you install on the side which suits you

You wont find these Carbs. on e-Bay brother...

$299 + USA shipping firm---

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