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    Watoosee Craig Warner Hull Mods - you see this?

    Looks like Mr. Warner is getting into the hull business, have you seen this?

    From Craig Warner:
    Looking for a 1.5 - 2 mph gain?

    Watoosee Racing & Craig Warner are realeasing our improved Hull Modification. This has been proven to work on all Warner's Ultra Hulls. What we need is your Ultra without a Motor in it. We will flip it over and start our modifications. You will recieve a Fresh Gelcoat Bottom W/ Modification. We will not take an Ultra that already has modifications to the bottom. Stock Ultra Hulls will only work for this application.

    If interested feel free to contact Craig Warner (951) 907-3984
    3 day Turnaround


    Thank you,

    Craig Warner

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    this is an expansive way to get 1.5-2mph... especially when there are many of us that are not even in the country!

    Many know that truing a hull is messy and dirty work. But it can also be simple if you know what to do and have the right tools..

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