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    Dead '96 slt 780! help?

    Ok so here is the gist... i got a '96 slt 780 and trailer from my aunt and uncle at NO COST! They have two kids one serving in the Army and the other has moved out so it couldn't be fixed. From what one of my cousins has told me he believes its something that deals with the CDI. me and my dad put a fresh charged battery in and it got power to the mdf and a small hum (as the power went through) was heard right as the battery was connected. The hum was no longer than a few ms. We tried to start the motor but nothing at all. My first thought was to get the CDI out and test the connections between things. After that I'm not sure where to start. Thanks to all to reply! I would love to have it running before summer!

    Some basic information below

    -Where u from: Gwinnett county GA
    -what kind of ski: '96 slt 780
    -what year: '96
    -what kind of engine: blue Fuji from what I've read
    -how many hours on the meter: didn;t check i can get back if necessary
    -how long did it sit: saldy it say for 2 yrs
    -any new/modified parts on it: stock
    -recent tune-ups or rebuild: that would be my job at the moment
    -general history of the ski if you know: taken care of pretty well. cousin rode it pretty good, uncle just cruised
    -price: 0, nada, FREE
    -comes with trailer: yes
    l-ive on water: no it was covered and stored in driveway
    -did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water: fresh water
    -compression numbers: N/A
    -does it run: no
    -Pictures,videos: pictures can be posted as requested
    -mechanical knowledge: I'm fairly comfortable with it. I do all my mech. work on my dirt bike. Dad is good with the electrical and is guiding me when needed. If needed i can have neighbor help who is very mech. inclined although i would like to do this as much as i can alone. I absolutely LOVE working with motors. they just fascinate me!
    -tools: i have acess to pretty much all tools that may be needed and get tools that might be needed at that time

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    Welcome to the Hulk and the Polaris family. I am not familar with your particular ski but the guys on here will help you out. Start with the basics such as cleaning out the fuel system, get some freash gas in there. I am going out on a limb here but I would bet the carbs need cleaning also. Do you have good compression and spark? Searching through the threads will help also, K447 has some really good info in his signature links so be sure to check them out. Did the ski run when it was put away?

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    The ski was put away because it wouldn't crank or turn over at all. I have looked at some of his threads before I registered and found some stuff I'll look at when I get back from my race this weekend. I'm thinking maybe a bad connection in the start button or the kill button somewhere but not sure. All the wires in the CDI were all attached to there rightful spot. I'm losing the connection somewhere along the way to the starter I'm guessing?

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    Pull the spark plugs, remove the coupler cover off the driveshaft area and try to turn the engine by hand. If it wont turn over with no compression, you have a issue. If it turns nice and smooth, id pour a OZ of oil into each cylinder spark plug hole, and a bit down the throat of each carb after removing the flame arrestor.

    It could be as simple as a bad solenoid, bad bedplate ground, or starter. Check the big black wire going from the battery to the bottom of the engine, it should be nice and clean and make good contact. With the electrical box open and a charged battery, you can connect the two thick red wires on the starter solenoid with some large metal object, staying away from the grounded metal electrical box. If nothing happens when they're connected, its a bad wire or starter. If the engine turns, its a bad start button, wire to the solenoid, or the solenoid itself. If only the starter turns and does not engage with the engine, its a stuck in the flywheel cover which isn't a big deal.

    Once the engine turns over, we can get to getting it running right.

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    Wow thanks for the post! Good info. I'm gonna show I'm a true nine to pwcs and ask where exactly is the coupler to the drive shaft?

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    Where I crudely marked X is the coupler shroud/cover. Remove that and underneath is the coupler.
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    Alright thanks! If I have time tomorrow before I leave I'll get to it.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Click below for more info

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    I'd also like to welcome you to the Hulk.

    Please read the links in K447's signature for fuji (blue) engine. That's what you have in that ski.

    Get familiar with the parts and proper names so you can follow along easily.

    Honestly, I wouldn't dump any oil down the spark plug holes or the carbs at this point. It would have been good to do when it was put away, but at this point is kinda useless. Oil in the plug holes is only going to give false compression readings, and oil down the carbs is only going to sit on the bottom of the crank case. Now if the engine was running, it would have coated the crank, and helped to preserve the cyl walls and piston rings.

    I do agree to remove the spark plugs, and try turning the engine over by hand. Removing the engine coupler cover, and turning the coupler. It should spin pretty easily without the plugs installed.

    If it doesn't turn, you're going to have to remove the jet pump from the hull, and the drive shaft. Then try it again. Once again, the links in K447 signature will show you what to do.

    If it still doesn't turn over, you have an internal engine issue. It may be something simple, all the way to something major. It will take some further diagnostics to determine the cause, but first, see if that crank spins freely.

    And to answer your Q: the hum you heard when you first hooked up the battery was the bilge pump. It runs when the engine is on, and when the battery gets re-connected. That hum for a few secs. is normal.

    Let us know what you find.

    And just for clarification, the elec box is not known as the CDI. The CDI is the small black box inside the elec box that controls the engine timing and other tasks like that.

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    Are you hearing any clicking from the starter at all.

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