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    Ultra 150 display and trim dead with no spark - breakers?

    2001 Ultra 150. I posted this over on the Ultra forum and PWC too. Thanks in advance for any help with this.

    Friend's ski with bad start relay. He rigged up a bypass where he presses a button that hangs out under the seat to engage starter.

    So he puts lanyard in, ignition switch on, and hits his button. It basically jumps the solenoid, thats where his wires go.

    Crude, yet simple. It worked for him. Machine ran great last time it was out in August.

    Looked at it today, and with that system it certainly does crank nicely. I used my own fresh battery.


    TRIM dead
    DISPLAY dead
    NO spark

    It was dark, I didn't check breakers.

    Would this be consistent with a popped main or popped main AND trim breakers?

    If not the breakers, any other ideas? Trying to gauge the complexity of what it can possibly be.

    Compressions good. Rest of ski decent.

    FWIW, we have plenty of parts even if by coincidence, every system mentioned is individually failed. Harness, Ignition box, display, trim system.....but I'm thinking this is all related and simple.

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    Sounds like the breaker has tripped to me.

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    Breakers were actually fine. I had no power going into them either. Used a good display and it didn't work, so I knew it was still in the machine's electrics.

    Replaced start relay and everything is good.

    I now own a 2001 and a 1999 Ultra 150.

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    I have very similar problem ,but mine still cranks. don't think its the starter relay. where to go from here?

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