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    Friscoboater's 96 SLX Complete rebuild

    For those of you that do not know me, I have done a few Polaris skis over the past year, and I am addicted. I have a 95 SL 750 that is Old reliable, and a 95 SLX that we used all summer long. On Labor day one of my guests at the lake hydro locked the engine on the SLX and it blew up. So I have been on the hunt for a 96 model ever since.

    Well I found two. One with a really nice hull and a bad engine (thrown rod) and the other with an OK hull and a good rebuildable engine. So now starts my journey of rebuilding this ski.

    Here is what I want to do.

    1. Clean up the hull I am going to use and really make it look like new.
    2. Change the broken nose piece (I have lots)
    3. Go through the engine from top to bottom and replace what needs to be replaced
    4. Recover the seat
    5. Add hydro turf
    6 Use the freshly rebuilt carbs from my 95 SLX.

    So I will post my videos from you tube here and the pictures I take. I knnow I will have lots of questions, so please help a brother out.

    Here are some videos from when I started.

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    I think the 95 and 96 carbs had differences, both in jetting and actual internal construction. Be sure you keep it straight as to which specs you will be using for this engine.

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    I believe K447 is right.

    Count the number of transition ports (tiny holes inside carb throat) for both sets of carbs. The set with more are preferred.

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    That was a question I had. I will take apart both and look at the construction and post a video of it. If they are different that means I have to order three rebuild kits.

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    A quick glance through the bottom of the carb throats will tell you the difference. All the rest of the changes are internal circuitry. You won't see anything different from disassembly.

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    Got it. I am shopping for all my parts and I found a WSM Top end kit with .50 oversized for $255.00. How is WSM, or should I go for the SBT piston kit that has the treated skirts? Also I was going to either rebuild or replace the stock fuel pump. Have you guys had much luck with the rebuild kits, or should I pop for a new pump?

    Last question for now. Is this the right seal kit for the bottom end?

    He has a cheap price but over the top shipping cost.

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    WSM is fine. Many of us are using those kits with no problems. SBT piston kits are usually quite a bit more expensive than WSM.

    Link to seal kit doesn't work.

    Where are you getting the top end kit from? See if they have the seals you need. That way you only pay shipping once.

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    I can do one stop shopping if you like. Top end kit,cylinders bored,crank seals etc......

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    2&4 I sent you a PM. I get most of my stuff from one ebay store most of the time. They seem to treat me right and have a great exchange policy if I order the wrong thing.

    Anyway, I had a productive, and not so productive weekend. I really wanted to get both hulls stripped completely and clean the one inside and out that I was going to use. If you recall I have two identical slx models, one with a scraped up hull, and the other with a clean hull. The clean hull is what I am going to use, but I found out it was a salt water ski and has lots of corrosion on all the aluminum. That does not bother me because I will be using nothing at all from that ski, just hull. Everything from the beat up hull is going in this one. Well when I was removing an engine mount from the good hull (for cleaning and inspection) a bolt snapped off. I tried to use my Easy out set, and broke one off in the bolt. I panicked!!! Lugs came to the rescue and is sending me a bung out of an old hull. Now I just need to figure out how to get the old one out.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Video soon.

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    Here is the video

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