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    oil consumption question?

    is it normal for the fx140 to have oil consumption? was riding the skii yesterday from morning to afternoon, long rides, and when we went home, about 4pm my oil warning light up, and i got no oil already on my oil cooler, im still very far from the dock, so what i did, we idle it to the shore, and ask somebody to buy us a 3liters oil... arrived already home already 8pm the sea is already very dark, were lucky my cellphone got a GPS to give us directions going home, is this normal? i haven't checked my oil when i first run the skii in the morning, but could be my oil is already on the low level...

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    leaking oil in the oil filter

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    Oil filter corroded? When last was it changed or what condition is the filter in?

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    yeah, oil filter corroded, i already removed the oil filter, i will change it today , i don't know when was the last time it was changed, i bought the skii with the corroded filter installed, should have replaced it before i rode it will it damage the engine? when it leaked and the buzzer warned me i still run it on limp mode? im soo worried i damage my bearings

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