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Thread: XBox 360??

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    XBox 360??

    So my G/F and i are thinking out getting one for christmas....Obviously we want to get the Kinect..

    I know that it doesnt play blue ray but I dont have a real good Hi Def TV to really work about a BR player yet either....

    Are there any drawbacks to the XBox that I should know about??

    Why do they only make 2 versions? 4g and 120g??

    Thanks for any input!!!!

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    The following is what made me go with the PS3 over the XBOX: No BlueRay, No WIFI (not a big deal), more hardware failures (red ring of death), I didn't like the controller layout and the stickler for me, their multiplayer network isn't free (annual fee to play online).

    Flipside: more game choices, i believe it is cheaper (the console), Halo

    I have friends with XBOX and they love it. You can't go wrong with either.

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    the newest xbox360 system has built in WIFI and they also changed some things with the system to "stop" the red ring of death.

    The 120 gb system should be plenty for you, its really for saving movies you buy off xbox LIVE and save to the hard drive. There are bundles with 250 gigs sometimes.

    The online does cost money but it is worth it if you like playing online games.

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    I don't believe there is a 120gb system anymore, The current choices are 4gb or 250gb. I wouldn't waste my time with a 4gb system.

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    go with the 250. My old xbox, 6 years old just died and went and got the new 250gb its great. It has built in wifi. One thing though is it just comes with the standard cables. Go get a hdmi first thing. The difference was amazing!

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    We have both PS3 and the XBOX 360.
    They both have their good points, but Halo is reason alone to get the 360.
    We have had a LOT of fun with that game over the years.
    I actually like Halo 3 better than the new one.

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    I like to play Xbox 360 games. Some below games are my favorite.
    1. Oblivion
    2. Dragon Age: Origins
    3. Mass Effect 2
    4. Fallout 3
    5. Mass Effect

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    Xbox 360 FTW. Yea it cost $60 a year for online play (I hear its going up $10 too) but its well worth it, U always get what you pay for. Theres also a rumors that PSN is going to start charging too. Also there are alot better games for the 360 over the PS3

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