I have a 2007 RXT (Red) with stage II, intercooler, blower impeller, stage II impeller, strainer, hull exhaust, wet wolf variable cone, etc.

Last time I took the ski out, it won't rev above 5600 rpms or so and I'm fairly certain it needs new washers for the blower. I'm really just guaging interest here, because I'm not in the mood to fix the damned thing and I never use it anymore anyway.

$5500 and it's yours. Ski worked perfectly until I took it out this last trip. I'll throw in the single trailer (obviously), knee board, life jackets (2), toe rope, tube and I even have the ski pole (not mounted) that you can have too. Let me know.

You can have my garmin gps with console as well, I've had the ski at 72mph with me on it (200 lbs).