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    R&D Powershot for RXP-X

    I did a search on the forum for the R&D Powershot fuel tuner. I'm guessing there is a trick to the search function for the site but I read through several pages and didn't turn up anything.

    Is anyone out there using them? How is it working? What time of performance results are folks seeing out there and what mods does the tuner help get a better bang for the buck? Any advice?


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    get the rude controller from the online store. it's the same thing except it lets you add and remove fuel where the powershot only adds. from what i have read

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    Quote Originally Posted by masta2000 View Post
    get the rude controller from the online store. it's the same thing except it lets you add and remove fuel where the powershot only adds. from what i have read

    The Rude is a better fuel tuner. I have one for sale, sent you a PM.

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    Rude is better, lets you adjust throughout the RPM range as needed. You'll find a better support network for the Rude here on the forum as most using an add on fuel tunner are using the Rude. There is a thread in the How To section. You could shoot Breon a PM, he can usually answer any questions pertaining to the controller however he is currently preparing to test his long comming project hull and may be busy prepping for testing this weekend.

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    it looks like it is a common fuel "optimizer". they are widely used in ATV's, and i'm not a fan of them. their price is WAY higher than the ones for ATV's for whatever reason, even though it looks identical to most on the market. if it works the same, it reads the injector pulses to determine rpm, pulse width to determine "load" (i don't necessarily agree with that since it is relying on the stock ECU to determine the load based on injector pulse widths), and the TPS. if it was a true load based system, it would need to tap into the MAP sensor, and i know the ATV ones do not. if it does on the skis, great, but the rude still offers you the ability to fine tune the fuel delivery, which is why i use powercommanders or piggy back ECM's on ATV's and not fuel optimizers.

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    I had the opportunity to pick up the R&D Powershot new for $125 but with the strong board preference for the Rude controller and the great customer experience everyone seems to have with them I'll be going in that direction.

    The retail on the R&D is definitely high - I thought for $125 perhaps the R&D piece was a deal. I definately value service after the sale which seems to be a common complaint on the site about R&D in general.

    Thanks guys!

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