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    gp1200r keeps getting worse......

    Hi guys, I cant seem to get ontop of ever increasing problems with my gp1200r. I have done a rebuild on the ngine, and thanks to tmg97gp, replaced snapped pv cables. i took the ski out for the first time last night after doing the rebuild, but before i even took it off the trailer, there was a notibale loud 'squeeling' noise. I did a search on here, and im thinking its something to do with the jet, because it runs fine....sounds great.... but just doesent move anywhere, just blows bubbles in the water.

    any help would be great, and if anyone knows what parts i would probably need, and has them for sale, could you let me know. Regards, Ash

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    OK, I have no idea why the thread has posted 3 times, could a moderator delete the other two pleae, damn pc's........

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    pull the pump (half hour job) and check splines and run again with pump out and you will know either way pump or motor/inter shaft

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    Yeh sounds like the mid shaft splines are gone.

    I know how your feeling iv just been through the same ordeal with my gp1200r. But this time iv made sure nothing is going to happen

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