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    6 Years... Rest In Peace Dimebag Darrel

    So its been 6 years since arguably one of the most influencial guitar players to ever walk the planet was innocently gunned down while doing what he did best by a crazed fan. Kickin the shit out of the guitar.. Eddie Van Hallen laid one of his personal guitars in the coffin with Dimebag as Eddie was one of Dime's biggest influences and Dimebag tried to buy the Yellow and Black 5150 guitar off Eddie for years. Guitar World magazine named dimebag one of the most influencial guitar players of all time along with EVH, Hendrix, Page, and Iommi etc... Im proud to say that his music and guitar playing influenced and inspired me. Thank you Dime for some of the meanist riffs ever written and some of the craziest noises to ever come out of a guitar!

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    Yep he was badass for sure! a true Cowboy from hell! He died a few hours before my son was born... its a funny coincidence that one of his favorite songs has always been Cemetary Gates!

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    RIP Dimebag! To me he'll always be the greatest metal guitar player that ever walked the fucking planet! It will always sadden me we'll never have another new pantera song or tour.

    One of Dimebags most under rated songs and one of my personal favorites!

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    He was one hell of a guitar player indeed! His sound influenced me to install the Bill Lawrence humbucker, what a sound!

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