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Thread: I messed up

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    I messed up

    Between my house and my truck giving me issues I didn't get the ski off the lift before it froze in Maryland before I had a chance to get my ski ready for winter. it was on the lift for about a month without being ran in the water. I'm hoping most of the water evaporated but I don't think I'm that lucky.
    Is my best bet at this point pulling the intercooler, manifold, and muffler off and have them checked?

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    I would just get it inside to warm it up (below freezing) so any ice could melt.

    The only concerns you would have is the I/C leaking or Waterbox/Manifold expanding because of ice but I doubt you had that much water in it.

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    Last time you ran it did you start it up after you pulled it out of the water to get some of the water out. Last year when I purchased my skis they sat outside for a couple of weeks and it was below freezing. They were fine when spring time came around. Id say you are ok but just get it inside ASAP.

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    Yes all my riding is salt water so I did run it to clean it out.

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    Your exhaust manifold and waterbox will be okay. I would definitely pressure test your intercooler though.

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    I'll pull it out tonight. Thank you all for the help.

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    You are ok. Just take care of it this weekend. It supposed to be warmer then. It has not been cold long enough in the Bay area of MD to do damage yet.

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