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Thread: Stupid Move

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    Stupid Move

    So my ski has been kicked outside for the winter and I wanted to give an FYI to some people that are in the same scenario as I am in. If your ski is outside and you start it up from time to time, please make sure that your wear ring is nice in warm (if you have a ss ring then no worries). I fire my ski up once a week just to keep things happy and last weekend when I did it was right around freezing temp outside. After about a minute I started to notice a plastic burning smell and seen flakes of white plastic on the ground behind the pump. Well as we all know plastic contracts when its cold and when I fired the ski up my prop dug some nasty slices in my wear ring and now its ripped to shreds.. My prop is fine but now I need a near wear ring. So a little advice if your ski is outside for the winter. Make sure that your wear ring is nice an warm or wait till a day the weather is well above freezing before starting it up.

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    wow, thanks for the heads up. Glad i dont have to put up with cold temps like that.

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    or just fog the motor and be done with it....

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