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    Loud popping sound from '09 VX

    Hello everyone, my name is Jordan or Jordie (I am sure you probably pieced that together already) and I'm 15 and new to this fantastic site.

    Now to the point, this afternoon I was riding in the surf all afternoon and on the way back in the rivermouth I was cruising along and heard a single loud popping noise. At first I thought I hit something but it turns out I didn't, then I thought the engine may have 'knocked' for reasons unknown to science but I'm pretty sure this wasn't the case. Engine still looks, sounds, smells and goes the same so I just wanna make sure I have done nothing bad to it.

    What could this noise have been?

    What does engine 'knocking' sound like for future reference?


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    You may want to supply some more information. What ski ? Check " everything" . Is it still making the noise ? Something may have just came loose from the surf pounding and is bouncing around in there. Check your engine mounts, exhaust hoses, waterbox, see if you may have gotten something in the pump....get the idea. Check it all out first. Then if you find the problem let us know on the forum so we can help.

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    It only did once and everything seems fine now, it was probably just someone on shore with fireworks or a very loud cap gun hahah

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    It may have been, my VX was reliable as can be with close to 300hrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowStang305 View Post
    It may have been, my VX was reliable as can be with close to 300hrs.
    There's Yamaha for you

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