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    Damage from not winterizing 1996 XP??

    GF has a 1996 XP. Dont really know anything about it other than its not been winterized and its been down to 10F for over a week at nights. I read through the service manual for it and noticed it says it has a drain tube for the block and the muffler needs to be removed to get the water out of it. Either way, its not been done since its out of my hands.

    Do these blocks freeze and crank like a typical engine would if the water isnt drained from the block? I know everything there is to know about a stern drive and my 2006 GTI, but nothing about a 96 XP..

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    well it depends on when you last rode it, where its stored ect. For starters you dont have to remove the waterbox or the exhaust. what you need to have her do is fire it up and crack the throttle a few times and blow the remaining water out. next you need to pinch the line that comes off the bottom of the cases to the exhaust(by the battery in the bottom of the hull). next, take off the water "out" line and pour some RV antifreeze in the head till it comes out the pump. simple as that. a little water in the water box wont hurt long as its not full of water. but if you feel that its necessary pop off the rubber exhaust on the warer box and put a couple oz's in there.
    If the ski hasnt been ridden since say august your chances are pretty good that there is no water in the least not enough to cause damage.

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    Its not been ridden since July the 4th but it has been started (dry, this weekend) and fogged (just found this out). Im no where near the jet ski so I cant take care of it. Far as I know its sitting in a field by their house.

    I kinda figured it would have dried out mostly but wasnt sure how much water it held. It sat out in the sun the rest of the summer so it got pretty hot. Just wanted to know if there should be any anything to watch out for come spring(IE, block cracked and filling the hull with water).

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    This is not a very scientific answer, but over the years I have never seen anyone on the forums ask about fixing a 787 engine with cracked water jackets. I have seen tons of posters with questions about 717's with cracked water jackets. Not that I would recommend anyone not winterizing a 787, but I think enough of the water drains out, especially if it has sat for awhile like in your case.

    Note that cracked water jackets are not the only problem with freezing; you can push the base gaskets out as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea Dood View Post
    Note that cracked water jackets are not the only problem with freezing; you can push the base gaskets out as well.
    Been there Although that's the only issue that I've ever had with a 787 engine not properly winterized in freezing temps. The upper case has some pockets under the cylinders near the rotary valve that do not drain, and will cause the base gasket to blow out in freezing temps.

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    Only time I ever saw an older Seadoo engine crack from ice was because the lower return hose was clogged causething the engine to stay full of water

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    Blast from the past! The jetski made it through the winter just fine. Nothing was done to it beside starting it, blurping the throttle, and fogging it. This winter I'd like to have a better understanding of whats going on. Ive never understood what airbornexp was trying to explain because there are no hoses running anywhere around the battery besides the gas line. Two hoses come off the top of the engine and run out the back, thats it. One is the intake and one is the exhaust. Another small line runs from the bottom of the exhaust manifold and T's out the back for the little tiny pee stream that shoots out the back and also comes out in the exhaust just before it exits out the back.

    Ive attached a picture of the jetski. Any advice on what needs to be checked and where to put antifreeze if I want would be much appreciated. Ive taken all the hoses off and checked them, all appears to be free.

    I don't have the hose attachment so I cant run it on the hose.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Edit, Just found out this engine is the 717 engine. Not sure if anyone knew that, I sure didnt. I keep reading in the manual to make sure the 'engine drain hose is clear.' Which hose is the engine drain hose??

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    No one knows? Plan on getting this thing winterized this evening.

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    had a 95 xp 800.all i you have to do is run it up and fog the motor threw the carbs while doing this shut the gas off so the engine dies and make sure that you have fuel stablizer or suck out the gas.fill up your injection oil take out the battery and good to go.this is for -40 celius in canada.never had a not run ngk plugs because the ski does not like them. run champion plugs.thanx

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    i am glad i live in florida. i haven't decided if i am even going to winterize mine or not seeing how its normal to have mid 70's in the middle of the winter here.

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