I just completed pulling out and rebuilding my engine in my 2004 XLT1200. I setup the oil pump cable per the intructions in the manual and pulled off the bleed screw till oil was flowing out of it. (This did not require me cranking the engine at all) I put the screw back on loose then cranked the engine without the spark plugs in to see if it would push oil out. I did not see anything. Is there a way to know if it is working without pulling the pump?

I know many of you are saying PREMIX!! but I share use of this with my family and do not think it would be a good idea to premix since I don't think everyone will remember to add oil. I am trying to make sure this is good before I inststall the exhaust. I did manualy add some oil to the cylinder/crank and did get the engine to start. I shut it off quickly because the exhaust is off.