Selling my used Innovate LC1/XD1 combo, which includes the LC1, XD1, all cables, and a cable for hooking it up to datalog A/F ratios. It does not come with the O2 sensor (mine is fouled, and you should start with a new one anyway) but if you know what you're doing you can get them for $40 (it's a VW sensor). It is in great condition and works perfectly, and the gauge face is flawless. I will say the clip on the LC1 that snaps the O2 sensor plug in place is long since gone, but I've run it for a long time with absolutely no problems. It's a very tight interference fit.

$150 plus shipping takes it. You blower/turbo guys need this.

I also have a 7.5" Spal fan which would be perfect for a heat exchanger, etc. It's brand new, never used or wired up. $45 plus shipping and it's yours.

If you are calling dibs on something, please say so in a post, and PM me as well.