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    Turning ? for stand up 750sx

    I just rebuilt a 750sx 1993 stand up from the ground up. Im interested in how to make it turn smaller circles or just turn off when I fall off. I'm 13 and looking to compete in a class and I dont want to have to wait too long for my ski to return to me. What is the most common set up for competition?


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    try or XH20 located here under other sites, more stand up riders...

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    Order the faceplate off of the newer 800sxr for your start/stop switch. That will give you a tether kill switch type stop button. The part number for the SXR is 32099-3818 and is around 25.00 at most places. You will need a lynard also and I recomend not getting on of the generic slippery type ones. Buy an OEM from kawasaki or better yet yamaha. Also if you want a even better one that fits tight and will not pull out easy or get knocked off buy one for a OMC outboard.

    If you want it to turn faster on the track while still riding it look to get a aftermarket turn plate. They are called quick turn plates and also help get you closer to the front of the boat by one or two inches. It does not sound like much but it put your weight forward for less porpoisong and keep the boat hooked up.

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