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    Talking Changing spark plug wires on 2001 Polaris Genesis

    First off please forgive me if this is posted elsewhere because trust me I tried to find it.

    Second off, before starting this spark plug wire replacement project, I had no idea that spark plug wires could be spliced to make them longer.

    More importantly, the spark plug wires are replaceable without replacing the ignition coil. When you buy the spark plug wire P/N 4010173-71, it comes complete with both gaskets, and the thread cap which attaches to the electrical box....already attached.

    The issue that I faced was removing the wire from the ignition coil. I pulled and pulled but didn't want to pull to hard because I was afraid of yanking something out of the ignition coil. I went to the local dealer mechanic with a photo of what I was dealing with and he too thought that these were not meant to be replaced alone, which made no sense to me because makes the replacement part...I was holding one in my had.

    I came home and decided to cut off the plastic housing around the connection from the old wire to the ignition coil. I then could see what was holding the wire in place so well, and used a pair of needle nose to pull the wire out. Turns out, the only thing holding the wire to the ignition coil is a pin which is shaped almost like a mushroom (see photos). If i had pulled harder, i wouldn't have had to cut the plastic would have came out (fear kept me from doing this in the first place).

    My question now is, What should I do about the plastic housing that I cut off? Would shrink wrap work or would the connection surrounded by the wrap get too hot. The plastic housing was there from all that I can see, to keep the metal from ever touching the rubber gaskets...I think the photos will explain this better than I can. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and I hope that this post will keep some of you from cutting the plastic housing around the pin and just pull!!

    Here are the photos of what I am dealing with, you can see the plastic housing missing on one which is my issue.
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    If it was my own PWC I would install a replacement ignition coil pack. Two of the three spark plug wire connections appear compromised on your coil pack.

    The plastic and rubber design is there to prevent the very high voltage (tens of thousands of volts) from 'leaking' out, and to ensure that moisture cannot get anywhere near the inner wire connection and metal parts.

    A brand new 4010342 coil pack is just over $100, and I am sure there are good used coil packs around for sale.

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