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Thread: green vs silver

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    green vs silver

    hey guys
    |I have a green 750 from a 96 zxi with a bad crank, and was wondering if a older silver 750 is compatible. and i mean will any thing fit: exhaust, carbs-intake, alignment with pump, cooling, etc, just seeing if any one knows anything

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    Depends. There was a 'big pin' version and a 'small pin' version, referring to the diameter of the piston wrist pins. The big pin engines had a 22 mm diameter pin and can be identified from the outside by counting the number of studs on the reed cage (12 studs). The small pin has a 20 mm pin and has 10 studs on the reed cage.

    Different wrist pins mean that the pistons are different. The rods are different, which are mounted on the crankshaft. The crankcases are also different because of the number of studs for the reed cages.

    I think the cylinders, head, carbs, front cover, stator, are the same; but check a parts catalog and compare numbers. I've got 3 750s, and the oil injection ports are located in different places, but I don't think that will matter.

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